Collection: Accessories

Accessorizing with a Purpose: Pointing to Jesus

Elevate your favorite outfits while spreading the Gospel with our Christian accessories from Salt and Honey Clothing. Our collection is the perfect way to add a touch of style and make a statement this season while also inspiring others to seek Jesus.

Christian Accessories

From Christian bags to Christian caps, our wide selection of fashion accessories can instantly amp up any woman’s style game while allowing them to shine the light of Jesus for all the world to see. Build up the perfect transitional wardrobe with our Jesus-themed tote bags, like our “Free Indeed” and “Be Transformed” bags. And top off the look with our “Fear Not” and “Child of God” caps. To make things even better, we offer free shipping when you place an order over $100. Shop now!

Start Convos with Salt and Honey Clothing

At Salt and Honey Clothing, we’re excited to help you to start conversations about Christ through our stylish, high-quality clothing. As a Christian-owned-and-operated business run by a husband and wife, we’re driven to embolden people to share their faith while looking their best. Most of our products are made to order, as we value adding that personal touch to all of our customers’ items! Start with a cap and continue with a conversation by adding our Christian accessories and apparel to your wardrobe today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Accessories

Why are accessories needed?

Christian accessories can change the appearance of the staples in your wardrobe by adding splashes of color while also inspiring others with biblical messages. With the right accessories you can make your outfit your own while more confidently representing Christ everywhere you go.

Why are Christian bags must-have accessories?

Tote bags instantly help people to express their personalities while also making it easy for them to carry their keys, phones, and other daily essentials around. Plus, they can be excellent conversation starters when covered with biblical messages.

Why choose hats as accessories?

With so many colors and styles available, caps make the perfect Christian accessories because they can go with so many different looks while also spreading the Gospel of Christ.

What are some of the most popular colors for hats?

Some popular Christian hat colors range from khaki to charcoal gray, navy, and black.