Collection: Names of God Collection

Sometimes, you need a reminder about how big God is. Others need that reminder, too. That’s where our Names of God Collection at Salt and Honey Clothing shines. Our collection’s Yahweh clothing items, ranging from sweatshirts to tees, are the perfect way to start conversations about who the Lord is and His mighty works. Browse this collection, and order your favorite pieces today!

Embrace Yahweh Clothing

Did you know that the Bible has more than 650 names of Jesus and God? We showcase a few of them in our Names of God Collection at Salt and Honey Clothing. Choose our “Rapha” crewneck sweatshirt to encourage yourself that the Lord can heal you (Exodus 15:26). Wear our “Jireh” tee to tell others He can provide for them (Genesis 22:14). Make it clear to the stranger at the grocery store that God sees them with our “El Roi” crewneck. Lift up the name of your Lord and Savior with our “Jesus” clothing. The pieces in our Names of God Collection are a stylish way to fulfill the Great Commission.

Start a Spiritual Convo With Ease

At Salt and Honey Clothing, we’re honored to help you spread the Gospel through apparel and accessories featuring scripture. Our Yahweh clothing makes it easy to share the love of God without ever speaking a word. Starting conversations about Jesus can be scary, but a biblical message on a sweater or shirt can start your conversation for you. Our apparel and accessories are high quality and comfortable to the touch — great for the body and the soul. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on our newest additions and get 10% off your first order. Start with a shirt and continue with a conversation: Order today!